The Retail Shark Group

We are a team of retail experts who improve retail businesses, fast. We specialise in delivering rapid projects that provide detailed analysis and insights into retail business performance.

Retail Shark Group enables our clients, to identify how to achieve the most significant and rapid return on investment. If your objectives require that you:

  • Increase Sales – Retail Marketing
  • Improve Range Performance - Assortment Architecture
  • Improve Return on Space – Maximize Space Allocation
  • Improve Supply Performance - Optimise Supply Chain
  • Or Develop Brand or Create Private Label products

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Retail Experts, Retail Consultants & Interim Management

In addition we offers retailers access to expert retail consultants and practitioners, either in a consulting or an interim management capacity. The Retail Shark Group team all possess many years of practical, hands-on retail experience and work with retailers or brand owners on either a consultancy or interim basis to identify and capitalise on the opportunities within their business for improved efficiencies and performance.