Wish you had a “retail shark mentor” to walk you through the complicated and overwhelming process of opening a store? Our comprehensive Store Start-up Package is as close to a retail mentor as you’ll get providing valuable strategies to take you from initial planning through opening day.

How it works

We develop a detailed business plan for your store idea and teach you everything you need to know about how to open and run a store. This package includes:

Developing a comprehensive business plan

Helping you find the right retail space

Teaching you about retail merchandising and buying

Developing an “Inside-Out Marketing Strategy”

Concept store layout & design ideas

Providing you with process, operations and infrastructure guidance

What you get

A complete business plan: a comprehensive document to aid you in securing financing and retail space, and serve as an important guiding tool to help you open your store.

Extensive tutorials and guidance in all relevant aspects of opening your store

Introduction to appropriate vendors and retail professionals as needed

All the retail strategy necessary to build and operate a winning store!